Surrey Mobile Command Center

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Model 31CCLTDA ATV/Robot Transport

Featuring One Piece Smooth-Fiberglass interior walls, as well as,  fiberglass cabinets.


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Unit Specification:
Exterior Length: 31 ft. 6 in.     Total Unloaded Dry Wt.: 7,053 lbs.    GVRW 10,400lbs.     Width 8 ft.

Hitch Wt. 700 lbs.      Axle Wt. Empty 6,325 lbs.      Height 10ft. 10 in.     Tandem Axles 5,200 lbs. each

Tire Size:  ST225/75R15           *All  Weights Are Approximate and Actual Weights May Vary.*    


Our Surrey Mobile Command Center contains the following features:


*Durable white fiberglass exterior.

*The walls are “Seamless“, high line Radius windows and radius doors shall be in place.

*Wall supports are 2x2 and 2x3 with hand cut fiberglass insulation.


*Rubber roof system (includes) rubber roof material over 7/16 OSB board mounted to 2x6 truss system.

*The roof will be crowned to aid in water run off.

*All flooring material is placed over 5/8 exterior grade tongue and groove plywood.
*The stringers are 2x4’s on center.
*The rear transport area will be covered with aluminum tread plate.
*The forward section will be covered with vinyl flooring material.
*The rest room floor will be rubber.
*The fuel storage and battery mount area at the generator will be aluminum tread plate.

*All wall surfaces will be white in color and covered in smooth white fiberglass.
(Write any where inside on the walls w/ dry erase markers)

*A 5,500 watt Onan Commercial Generator shall be in a compartment.
*The generator will have remote electric start and an hour meter located inside the unit
*A 18 gal. Fuel capacity. (marine tanks in a dedicated compartment)
*A removable 30 amp power cord of 25ft. in length is provided.
*(1) battery shall be located in the generator compartment for the starting of the generator only.

* A vented battery case will be provided.
*55 amp solid state power converter (converts 110v AC to 12v DC)
*The converter shall have a automatic transfer switch when the generator is put on line.
*30 to 15 plug adapter (allows a standard household outlet to provide basic power)
*A hand held polarity tester (allows verification of proper polarity when using power other than the onboard generator.
*(1) deep cycle Interstate Battery with heavy duty case shall be frame
mounted. This battery will provide short term power for all 12v needs other than starting the generator.

*21ft. roll out awning will be in place on the door side.
*19ft. of awning rail shall be in place and pre-wired on the road side of the unit. This rail would allow for a second 19ft. awning to be installed on the road side.

*4 season capability with central ducted heat & air conditioning.
*Power roof vents (4) transport area, work station and rest room.
*13,500btu air conditioning (central ducted)
*35,000btu forced air furnace (ducted)
*Dual 30# gas cylinders with auto change regulator will provide LP for the 35,000 BTU forced air furnace.

*A toilet with holding tank, sink, and exhaust fan, rubber floors and fiberglass walls in rest room. The rest room is equipped with interior and exterior entrance doors. This can reduce traffic passing through the work station.

*A heavy duty swing out hand rail will be in place at the rest room steps.

*A Qwick Light crank up camera tower shall be in place. This tower allows 360o viewing and recording of activities surrounding the unit.
*The camera is well above any emergency vehicle that may be
*An all weather camera housing shall be in place.
*A lens heater are provided to eliminate camera fogging or frosting.
*The camera will be monitored on a 13” TV/VCR combo with up to 6 hr. recording time per tape.
*Lighted wall switches shall be in place to indicate camera power is on or that camera lens heaters are on, this will eliminate accidentally having lens heater or camera on.
*A commercial TV antenna with signal amplification and a 13” TV/VCR will be provided allowing you to monitor local television coverage or new helicopter pictures, should your situation be comprised by the media.
*PA system complete with exterior mic jack. There shall be 4 speakers utilized in the system. 2 exterior speaker horns shall be on each side of the unit.
*Multiple telephone jacks will be in place.

LIGHTS 110v and 12v
*Fluorescent interior ceiling lights with wall switch.
*Fluorescent lights under cabinets, over work counters.
*Qwick Light scene lights will be in place for (1) rear and (2) on both sides. Total of (5). They shall be controlled by wall switches.
*A Qwick Light (6) light tower shall be in place.
*The scene lights shall be controlled by a wall switch at work station.
*(2) roof strobe lights “green in color” will be in place. 1 front and 1 rear.
*Roof strobes will be green in color to indicate Command.
*Step lights at pull out steps(“super bright” LED’s for low power demand.)
*All ICC lights are state of the art super bright LED technology, offering the most visible lights, lower power requirements and no maintenance.

*An upper body brake light and turn signals are provided 1 incandescent light shall be in place at the rest room steps.
*All exterior storage compartments will have lights and a wall switch.
*Hook up lights will be in place on power tongue jack.

*Rear transport area with vinyl floor (ATV Optional) shall include a 30in. entrance door rear conference/rehab area. *This reduces unnecessary traffic passing through work station area if desired.

*Fold down seating covered on vinyl are secured to the side walls that can offer a conference area, or a rehab area when used with one of the 2 folding tables provided.

*One table is constructed using matching material found as counter tops. The second table is a high quality plastic table with a smooth surface and a raised edge that will allow the table to hold up to 2 qt of spilled liquid.

*One or both tables can be used outside the unit for rehab or a work area. Both tables store in a dedicated area in the transport area.

*The fold down couches can convert to (2) beds. A bi-fold door is provided to separate the transport area from the work center.

*Fluorescent lights shall be in place. As well as O/H cabinets. Cabinets shall be mounted in the rear for storage and hanging closet.

*An outside access to the rear cabinets shall be provided A rear ramp door and ATP flooring is available in lieu of the rear cabinets and closet.

*City water hook up-std. Garden hose
*On board pressure water system shall have a 12 volt pump.
*A fresh water tank shall be in place
*A fresh water antifreeze system allowing for rapid winterizing should the unit need to be stored outside in freezing weather.
*A rapid dump drain will allow quick draining of the fresh water tank. 1 black water tank for toilet waste shall be in place and have 42 gal of capacity. A gray water tank for sink drain water shall be in place.
*Standard RV water/waste drain system.
*(2) emergency wash down showers shall be in place. One on each side of the unit.

*The showers shall be contained in a compartment with thumb locks only, so access will not be restricted at any time.
*The shower will have a hand held shower head with a water shut off built into the head. This is ideal for fine wash down.
*The emergency wash down shower system shall be pressurized by a 12 volt pump.
*This wash down system is ideal for rinsing mud off dive team gear.

*A stainless steel RV sink is provided in front counter.
*The fresh water, gray water and black water tanks shall be equipped with heaters that will eliminate freeze up when used in the cold.

*They shall have lighted wall switches (one for each tank) indicating the heaters are on. This eliminates accidentally leaving heaters on.

*Formica brand laminate on counter tops, built with plywood underlayment
*Particle board shall not be used.
*Apartment size refrigerator from 3.4to 4.3 cu. ft. will be under the counter
* A secondary work station shall be provided on the off door side with phone jacks and power points AC& DC O/H cabinets with power outlets shall be in place
*Microwave oven with turn table shall be located on the off door sideof the unit.

*A 2 burner drop in cook top shall be provided.
*Communication work center with Formica® counter for computer, etc.
*(3) Padded task chair for work station.
*Shelves for radios and overhead cabinet at all work stations.
*(2) 12v cigar lighter outlets at main work station.
*(5) 110v duplex receptacles at shelf over main work station.
*Dedicated space & power points for portables and chargers.
*Dedicated space & power points for flash lights and chargers.
*(3) 110v receptacles located at counter top level for main work station.
*Radio antennas you provide can be installed by Surrey.
*Overhead cabinets and lower cabinets are white fiberglass.
*Overhead cabinets are over folding seats in transport area.
*Large outside and inside storage compartments.
*Large pass through storage in front for transport of signs, etc.
*Large book racks are in place for manuals.
*Power tongue jack/4crank down stabilizer jacks/safety chains.
*Tandem axles with brakes on all wheels.
*Rear skid wheels.